Over than 100 years of experience in the equestrian industry, attention to quality and details, the perfect technique, the constant care to the research of products, the unique Mascheroni’s brand credibility which is one of the historical brand in the italian equestrian world, create the growing path of MASCHERONI SELLERIA proclaiming its National and International success.


Designed for show jumping.
Offers to the rider an excellent contact feeling, free movement and at the same time great balance, guaranteeing a perfect gravity centre according to the own riding style.
The new MASCHERONI’S CONTACT SADDLE aligns correctly the rider’s hip limiting the movement in the gravity centre. Ensures a close contact feeling allowing more clear actions and gives a maximum comfort.

Style and sporty elegance, Mascheroni’s New Saddle

– Flat Seat –

Mascheroni’s Saddle with flat seat simplifies the rider’s balance changing. Made of calf leather and full grain leather, only genuine calf tanned in barrel with pure aniline and refined leather in vegetal tanning.

The precious and selected calf skins, in different natural colours, underline the research of this new saddles line by the traditional and classic details but also sophisticated and sporty.

Available: Tobacco and Black